What Is The Meaning Of Rose Colors?

Roses can send many different messages depending not just on the color but also the quantity. Here's the different meaning of rose colors and quantities.

The rose is a symbol of love and affection. It is indeed the queen of all the flowers. It acts as a universal code to send love messages. It is worth more than hundred text messages!

Just as the proverb says 'Actions speak louder than words'. A single rose, with a specific color and number can speak a thousand of words. Worried how to propose your girl? The rose is a perfect gift to convey your love. Here are some tips to know the language of roses.

Meaning Of Roses and Colors

Roses and Numbers

Roses and Body Language

Kneel before and give her a single rose. Say that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than you and this rose. If she accepts the rose with her right hand than it denotes that she loves you. If she accepts it with the left hand than there is some negative feeling.

What if she is left handed? If she wears it on her heart then it symbolizes love. If she crushes and throws it in the dustbin, there's is no confusing that meaning. If she wears it in her hair it means she adores you.

Last but not the least, nothing will be more romantic than presenting her an entire rose garden and bringing heaven to her earth.

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