Free Gardening Videos

Gardening tips are sometimes easier to see than read. Once in a while I find I've not quite grasped what a book or magazine was trying to tell me to do. But watching a gardening video can sometimes make that little light bulb go on. So here's my pick of the free gardening videos.

Specific Gardening Tips Videos

These gardening videos are of the specific 'how to do something' type. They are usually only a couple of minutes long and don't try to show you too much - so can be great for a quick 'so how do I do that' fix.

Pruning Roses Video - quick 2 minute pruning video to get the basic ideas.

How To Prune Roses Video - longer 4 minute video explaining how to prune your roses bushes for a better presentation.

Pruning Climbing Roses Video - Here's Paul with some great pruning tips, starting with how to know which canes to actually prune.

Vegetable Gardening Videos

Here's some videos for those of us who want to 'grow our own'.

Feeding Tomato Plants - a slighly crazy sounding tip for growing tomatoes - but it works!

Fun Gardening Videos

These videos are just for your enjoyment. They might just be a tour round a beautiful garden, or something else gardening related. You won't necessarily learn anything but I think you will enjoy them all the same.

Kelleher Rose Garden (Boston) - beautiful video showing the incredible range of award winning roses from this Boston, USA rose garden. There's floribundas and hybrid teas galore. You'll love it.

Hybrid Tea Exhibition Rose Garden Video - nice little video which walks around an exhibition rose garden of hybrid teas.