Hardy Roses

Hardy roses are a species of rose that grows in harsh winters, that are associated with the Northern climate.

These roses have the tendency to be relatively resistant to disease, and to some level, vigorous. They also need little long standing maintenance and care. Most people commonly call these roses 'Shrub Rose Bushes'.

Hardy roses can generally be categorized into different lists that are arrived at according the levels of hardiness. The first list is characterized by the fact that they are disease resistant and also require very low maintenance because of their hardiness level.

The second list of hardy roses points out roses that may not be hardy wholly and might require a specific level of protection, or are lesser tolerant of warmer climate. They may need fungicide because they are susceptible to diseases that might cause them to die off if not maintained properly.

The third list highlights wild roses that can take on low-maintenance terrain.

Hardiness in actual sense takes a wider scope to include the terrain/zone, the cultivation scene, management and lastly cultural factors. There are several species that do well in the Northern Climate and they include:

The Alba Rugosa blooms and is very fragrant. It is hybrid species that advances their hardiness to level 4 making them one of the most recommended and liked hardy roses in the Northern climate.

The spinonossissim is actually categorized into 2; one type that crawls on the ground and is also called spinossissima ground cover, and also the hybrid type that can resist extremely hard weather conditions.

Damask roses do not bloom though they are dense and level 5 hardy.

Another attribute of hardy roses is the ability of quite a number to climb. This enables them to rise above snow, and they can survive in frost conditions. Although untimely frosty condition can affect them.

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