Rose Fertilizer

rose fertilizer

It is becoming very popular for many yards to have some sort of rose bush for the homeowner to enjoy. But what type of rose fertilizer is the most appropriate? And how often should you apply it? Should you aim to use something organic?

Organic rose fertilizer is usually safer for the user as well as the surroundings. And by organic we mean manure or compost, maybe even mulch. Mulching takes longer to start being of benefit to your plants but gives a slower release which will keep on working for longer.

Roses do need special care if you would like a good turnout. It is a good idea to plant your roses in the early spring and use a good rose fertilizer at that time.

By using a good fertilizer, you will be providing nutrients to both the roots as well as the stem and the leaves. And it's when all three of these parts of the rose are healthy, you will be provided with a beautiful flower. And when you have a healthy foundation for your rose garden, you will not suffer so many bugs or diseases (such as Black Spot) and get to enjoy beautiful roses which will keep blooming until the late fall.

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