Growing Hybrid Tea Roses

If you want to give roses on special occasions, growing hybrid tea roses is the way to go. A modern rose, the hybrid tea rose is the result of two old timers getting together: the Hybrid Perpetual and the Tea Rose. These gorgeous modern flowers grow on large stems and bloom throughout the year. Although this rose only gives off a faint scent, it makes up for this shortcoming with its many petals and tall stature. The hybrid tea rose is commonly referred to as 'your basic rose on a stick'.

grow beautiful roses

They will look fabulous in any garden. Gardeners growing hybrid tea roses should plant them in rows by themselves, as it's much easier to tend to them this way. Be sure to keep this area weed-free. These roses, like most flowers, do not take well to weeds. You should space your flowers approximately twenty-four inches apart from one another. This will ensure a good growth habit. If you're up for the challenge of growing hybrid tea roses, plant them this spring and start a tradition.

Many gardeners steer clear of the hybrid tea rose because they're turned off by the idea of thorns. Well, the wonderful thing about this flower is that there are actually several thornless varieties! When you're shopping for these flowers, look for tags that read 'smooth' on the label. This, of course, implies that the rose is thorn-free. You can find these flowers in every color, with the exception of blue.

Hybrid tea roses require plenty of water during hot weather, especially if the hot weather is accompanied by dryness. Although most gardens require a good soaking every two weeks, other gardens require a weekly soaking. Regardless of the schedule, if the ground looks very dry and cracked, you should water your flowers. Placing mulch around your roses is a very good idea. The mulch will help prevent weeds and conserve moisture.

The hybrid tea rose will most likely reach its full height after approximately three years. Even after pruning, the flower will grow back to this height annually. Most modern roses, such as the hybrid tea, live a span of six or seven years, and longer if the flower has been given exceptional care. It's important that your roses are given sun. Roses require a minimum of six hours of sun a day. Morning sun is essential to a rose's proper growth. The morning sun will dry up excess moisture and dew, which will help prevent diseases from developing.

In February, when your flowers are dormant, you'll want to prune your roses. Your first step will be to remove dead branches and damaged canes. In colder climates, you'll most likely have to cut all the old damaged wood. Look for lively green canes. Those are the canes that will produce buds in the spring. In warmer areas, remove any existing leaves from the plant, as this will promote new growth. Lastly, remove any debris from your garden. Now you're ready for spring. As spring approaches and your roses begin to grow, you should fertilize your home garden with a high-nitrogen fertilizer.

These flowers really are the definition of classic elegance, so if you have the space in your garden do consider growing hybrid tea roses.

Here's a nice little video which walks around an exhibition rose garden full of hybrid teas: Hybrid Tea Rose Garden Video