Which Pruning Shears?

Every gardener needs this basic tool in their box. Pruning shears will make your life so much easier in the garden, and given how cheap they are now it's just not worth trying to use any other tool to do the job.

Types Of Hand Pruners

There three basic types of hand pruners - bypass, anvil and ratchet.

For beginners in the garden I would suggest getting bypass pruners first, as these give a very clean cut and are very versatile. These are also best if you want rose pruning shears, as they are less likely to crush the stem as they cut.

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Top Brands

The big professional brands of shears are felco pruners and corona pruners. They may be a bit more expensive but will last you for many, many years. You will also be more likely to find spares for them, such as replacement blades, in the big stores.