MSMA & Crabgrass

One of the most troublesome common lawn weeds, is Crabgrass. And MSMA can be one effective way to eradicate your crabgrass problem.

Crabgrass (Digitaria spp) reproduces and spreads fast. It is an annual weed that germinates in soil temperatures of about 60 degrees and needs only 1/4 inch of soil depth to take roots. It has tremendous survival and reproductive abilities, because of which it is very difficult to find lawns and backyards without any trace of this weed. Complete eradication of crabgrass is virtually impossible.

However, there are several methods available to keep tight control over its spread. Some of the methods are:

Herbicide usage can be done in two stages; pre-emergence or post-emergence, i.e. either before appearance of the weed at the start of summer, or after the weed has appeared in noticeable volumes.

Pre-emergence herbicides include the following, and are best applied in early March:

These are just some examples and are not meant to be an exclusive list.

Post-emergence herbicides that are recommended include the following:

Using MSMA On Crabgrass

MSMA is also used in control of other weeds like Bahia grass, Barnyard grass or Chickweed.

Use of MSMA requires care, and the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions should be followed meticulously. This is due to arsenic content, which is highly toxic in nature and there are Federal laws governing it's use.

MSMA should never be used with irrigation systems, or mixed with any feeds or manures likely to release nitrogen. Watering should be done BEFORE application and should not be done for next 24 hours afters. It's wise to avoid mowing grass for a few days as a safety precaution.

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