MSMA Crabgrass Killer

MSMA crabgrass killer has been in use safely since the 1950's. Botanists call it Digitaria, but millions of lawn owners know this pesky plant as Crabgrass.

Digitus is the Latin term for 'finger' because crabgrass grows in finger-like, grassy leaf blades. But the bottom line is, these weeds make your lawn look, well, weedy.

Crabgrass usually infests lawns that are poorly kept, including:

Ultimately, then, the best treatment for crabgrass is to improve the overall health of the lawn. However, there is still value in killing crabgrass with herbicides as it crops up. One way to do that is with MSMA crabgrass killer. Getting rid of crabgrass with MSMA crabgrass killer accomplishes two things:

If crabgrass is allowed to come to maturity, it will spread its seeds to infest your lawn the next spring. Each crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds. When you use crabgrass killer early, you prevents those seeds from being produced in the first place, lessening your overall problem.

So What Does MSMA Stand For & How Do You Use It?

MSMA stands for mono sodium methyl arsenate. MSMA crabgrass killing substances have been on the market since the 1950's. Like any lawn chemical, they are safe if used properly and this means you must read the directions and follow them!

For example, don't 'double the dose' just to make sure you have a strong enough mixture to kill your crabgrass. MSMA crabgrass killers have been studied in the lab and in the field for decades. You can trust the instructions.

Another important reason to read the label is that MSMA crabgrass killer may be harmful to some specific kinds of grass, such as St. Augustine or centipede grass.

The important thing about crabgrass control is to get a jump on the problem as early as possible. Once crabgrass gets established in a lawn, it can take over the whole lawn, and then you have a serious problem.

By keeping on top of crabgrass as it crops up, destroying it with something like MSMA crabgrass killer, and by maintaining a healthy lawn, you'll minimize your problems with this common weed pest.

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