How To Kill Crabgrass

Crabgrass can be killed through natural methods or by use of chemicals. Here's some quick fix tips on how to kill crabgrass.

First up, here's some natural chemical-free methods:-

  1. Pulling It Out
    • This is an operation which is done manually in order to eradicate crabgrass.
    • This is done repeatedly up to two times in a week.
    • The pulling helps to remove the roots and thus maybe considered an efficient method.
    • The method is the best when fighting crabgrass in cultivated crops.
    • After pulling out crabgrass, they should be taken to a compost pit immediately, it should be laid in a way that the top part faces the center of the pit and the roots face the outside. This will lead to the drying of roots quickly.
  2. Mowing
    • This removes the upper parts of crabgrass and should be done routinely as this will ensure the roots do not receive enough nutrients for growth.
    • This method will not allow the removal of crabgrass if it grows near or in cultivated crops thus call for another method.
  3. Covering The Soil
    • This is a method where the soil is covered in order to kill crabgrass.
    • The area invaded by crabgrass is covered thus preventing its further growth.
    • With soil covered, it defends the lawn from unwanted seeds that can be dispersed by wind or any other natural methods of dispersal.
    • Coverage is mainly done by dark tapes which are tightly pressed to the ground.
    • If the quantity of crabgrass on the lawn is large, then it is advisable to mow before covering the soil.
  4. Digging Over
    • The method is appropriate for soils being prepared for cultivation and planting.
    • Digging the soil should be done before summer and removal of unwanted plants done.
    • Pitchfork is the best tool to use in digging as it is effective in killing crabgrass as opposed to the shovel.

Artificial methods used to kill crabgrass include:-

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