Crabgrass Preventer

Everyone hates crabgrass! It is the most common and most annoying form of lawn weeds. Be prepared with crabgrass preventer, and save your lawn.

Although crabgrass may be a form of grass, and it has the same properties of regular grass - it does not blend in to your lawn.

It differs in color and in texture and sometimes it can be so aggressive that it takes over and competes against desirable grasses. If you can understand crabgrass and the life cycle of it, this will help you deal with it more effectively.

So What Exactly Is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass grows annually and is a grassy weed with broad blades and has a rough texture. It is a lighter green than normal turf grass. (If you're not sure see What Does Crabgrass Look Like?)

It germinates in the spring. In the summer it develops and leaves lots of fresh seeds. Then it dies away in late fall.

When you see crabgrass forming in your yard do not get too worried there are such things as 'crabgrass preventer'.

How Does Crabgras Preventer Work?

Crabgrass preventatives work by interrupting the seed germination process. They remain effective for only 30 days and it is important to apply the crabgrass preventer when it will do you the most good.

Crabgrass preventers are usually a combination of fertilizer and a pre-emergent herbicide which helps to strengthen turf grass, and helps to make them more competitive.

You should apply crabgrass preventer about May 1. This all depends on how fast the ground warms up in the spring. You are not guaranteed to remove all the crab grass but a 50% removal is better than no removal at all.

If you use a preventer such as Trimec it is recommended that you allow up to three weeks after before you seed again.

So no need to worry about crabgrass as there are preventers on the market and it is just all about when you use them. But remember you can plant grass seed 30 days after using a crabgrass preventer but you most definitely will get much better germination if you wait until fall.

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