Mexican Bird Of Paradise Is Making Me Nuts!

by Patti Dupont
(Julian, CA.)

Mexican Bird Of Paradise Bush

Mexican Bird Of Paradise Bush

Some people plant these things on purpose!

They have VERY BEAUTIFUL bright yellow and orange flowers. Each Mexican bird of paradise bush can produce 100 or even more. And in any soil and for any climate.

They are way beyond invasive!

These things are in my septic system and in the leach field.

I have tried cutting them, pulling them, Round Up, salt, bleach. Nothing works!

They just grow right back again. Even burning them in a last ditch effort completely failed.

As soon as a new one starts growing, I yank it out, but the roots are already 2 feet long.

I would love to know how to get rid of it? Can anyone help?

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Mexican Bird Of Paradise Is Making Me Nuts!

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Jul 19, 2011
Mexican Paradise Plant Driving Me Nuts Too!
by: Anonymous

They are growing in my leach line! So I cannot dig them out, as I will also dig out my leach line. Patti

Jun 26, 2011
Think It's Red Bird Of Paradise?
by: Robert

I think you have the red bird of paradise plant there, rather than the Mexican one.

In the right conditions it is a nightmare weed. And can be just as hard to get rid of as bindweed or bermuda grass! I do sympathise.

If you have any bird of paradise bushes that you want to keep, do make sure you cut off their seed pods before they open. When they pop open they shower loads of seed all over the place. That's why they keep coming back now, as your soil probably still has a plentiful supply of seed.

I've also heard they can grow back from root, so it is probably best to dig them out. Maybe you can sell some of the ones you dig out - as they are quite expensive. Some compensation for the pain they give you :-)

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