Getting Rid Of Bindweed

by Tyler Hutchinson
(Brigham UT 84302)



Bindweed, a little white flowering vine that creeps, crawls and climbs.

It will come up every where and getting rid of bindweed is nearly impossible.

The roots for bindweed run super deep, no matter how much you tug and pull at 'em, they just keep appearing. In new spots and old spots.

It's a member of the morning glory family. Specifially, Calystegia sepium!

The problem with this weed is that it not only is an annoyance and nuisance to good plants. But it also attracts moths, as it is an attractive food for one certain moth.

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Getting Rid Of Bindweed

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May 29, 2011
Bindweed And Roundup
by: Sarah

Bindweed is a nasty garden visitor :-)

It is just about possible to dig it out. But you need to leave the area clear for at least a season to even attempt it. So you can get all those stray scraps of it that will shoot up later.

This stuff has roots like spaghetti, so it's impossible to get it all in one hit.

Otherwise, you're only sane solution is a glyphosate based weed killer, like Roundup.

But if you go for the Roundup approach, try to isolate the bindweed from other plants. Then remove the bindweed when the weed killer has done it's job.

Bindweed and roundup do go well together :-)

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