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Here's a selection of some of the best gardening sites online. If your favourite is not here, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

Gardening Sites:-

AARS is an organization of rose enthusiasts who care that the roses you purchase live up to the highest standards of quality.
Landscape gardener and gardeners tips throughout the site.

Free Gardening Videos
Here's some great little gardening tips in the form of videos. Sometimes you can learn from a video far quicker than reading a book.

Horticulture Source
Discount specialty gardening supplies. For all your flowers, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants needs.

Organic Garden Info
The latest, time-tested information on Organic Gardening and Organic Pest Control.

Learn Rose Gardening
Lots of rose gardening advice and tips. Covers all the basics. Should be enough to get a rose newcomer up and running - plus teach a thing or two to those old hands too.

Garden Brief
Tips to help you beautifully combine color in your flower garden.

Tomato Growing Tips
Tomatoes have to be one of the most satisfying edibles to grow in your own garden. The difference in flavor between home grown tomatoes and supermarket varieties is staggering. This will get you started.

Debby's Garden Links
Links to UK gardening related web sites.
The official website of the Gerbera Association.

Orchids Plus More
The site for orchid plant enthusiasts.

Better Grow Hydro
Hydroponics, indoor gardening and hydroponic supplies (USA).

How To Care For Miniature Roses
The only tips you'll ever need on how to care for miniature roses - and indoors or out, caring for them is actually very easy.

How To Prune Roses Video
Here's a quick 4 minute video explaining how to prune your roses bushes for a better presentation.

Where to next?
Learn more about the importance of soil testing and how to use a soil ph meter.
Discover effective tactics for killing weeds and in particular crabgrass control.
Or that essential ingredient of all successful gardens - read about building a compost heap or potash fertilizer.
Maybe you're a rose fan, in which case our rose gardening series will help with everything from growing miniature roses to rose trees.