Soil pH Meters

A soil pH meter gives you fast and very accurate readings of your soil pH. It's the most accurate at home method of determining your soils pH.

These days soil pH meters are convenient, well designed and pocketable little devices. And an awful lot cheaper than they used to be. But don't be tempted to buy a really cheap soil pH tester - the type you are likely to see at garden supply centres - as they are simply too innaccurate. Instead of a really cheap meter you would be far better of with one of the decent soil pH test kits for the same money instead.

Soil pH meters come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Some have two probes that you place into the ground, and some have a single probe with two plates. Others are handheld devices where you place a sample inside a dish or spoon like receptacle within the device itself.

single probe ph meter   scoop ph meter   handheld probe ph meter
Soil pH tester examples - don't buy the really cheap ones

You can find a whole range of meters on Amazon - try these: soil ph meters.

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Most upmarket soil pH testers will come with replaceable electrodes. It is worth double checking though, as electrodes do not last forever, and if you're spending a fair amount you don't want the life of your meter limited by the electrode.

Tips On Using Your Soil pH Meter