Mixed Fertilizers
What Do NPK Values Refer To?

Most home gardeners prefer to buy their plant nutrients as pre-mixed products - the so-called complete fertilizers (often erroneously called balanced fertilizers).

Many years ago, before we knew as much as we do today about plant nutrition, three elements were said to be essential. Although we still know too little about nutrition, we do at least realize that these "Big Three" - nitrogen, phosphorus and potash - by no means supply all elements vital to growth.

Nevertheless, any mixed fertilizer containing these three elements may legally be labeled "complete".

According to law, at least in most states, such complete fertilizers must contain at least twenty units of plant food. Figures that state how many units are contained in a product must appear on the bag or package, with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potash (K) appearing in that order. It is still possible however to find the figures for the last two elements listed in reverse order.

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