Kelleher Rose Garden (Boston) Video

You'll love this beautiful video tour of the Kelleher Rose Garden in Boston, USA. There are plenty of floribundas and hybrid teas, with an incredible 200+ different varieties all immaculately cared for.

Kelleher Rose Garden:

More About The Kelleher Rose Garden

The Kelleher Rose Garden was originally designed by Arthur Shurcliff, and started life back in 1931. Sadly like many gardens after initially proving highly popular and thriving, it started to decline.

But the local conservation group brought together the best local talent they could find and 2001 saw the start of a 10 year plan to bring it back to glorious form. I think you'll agree with me they've achieved wonderful results, and should be incredibly proud of their efforts.

If you should find yourself near Boston, USA I strongly recommend a detour to visit the wonderful Kelleher Rose Garden - what better way to spend a few hours of your day. (Oh, and if you're not sure where to find it, here's a map for directions).

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